Ethnic Fashion Week – Jenny Hytönen is the new “Amigo” from AZ Factory.

Jenny Hytönen

Finnish designer Jenny Hytönen is the new “Amigo” from AZ Factory. He joins the list of designers who have collaborated with the brand including Thebe Magugu, the duo Ester Manas, Lutz Huelle and most recently Lora Sonney. Based in Paris, Jenny Hytönen has managed to carve out a place in the fashion world through organic … Read more

EIDM Pop-Up store launched sports and fashion, named “Hybris” 2023.

From November 30 to December 2, 2023, the opening of the Pop-up store EIDM 2023 “Hybris” will take place. It is at 29 rue Keller in the 11th arrondissement of Paris that our 3rd year Bachelor students invite you exclusively to discover innovative creations between fashion and sports. EIDM Pop-Up store 2023 “Hybris”: when fashion … Read more

Géraldine Nakache wears the most hyped jeans of the moment

Fashion is a vast field, full of possibilities. It’s not the fashion addicts who will tell you otherwise. From shoes to coats to the famous bag, every piece is an essential for our wardrobe. the jeans, They don’t leave us behind either. Among the best known models, we find: Wide leg, bootcut, slim, mom fit…. … Read more

Dream job: a billionaire is looking for a couple to live on a desert island for €184,000 a year

Are you tired of routine? Want to drop everything and move to a desert island, but haven’t found the EuroMillions numbers yet? We may have the solution for you. A billionaire offers a job through a London recruitment agency. You have to live on your island for a year. But what are the criteria to … Read more

Elon Musk Net Worth – One of the richest persons in the world.

Elon Musk Net Worth

A nonprofit organization that monitors hate speech online has asked an American federal judge to dismiss what it calls a “ridiculous” lawsuit filed by X Corp, elon Musk’s company to stifle free. Elon Musk Net Worth 2023 It is known to all that, Elon Musk, net worth: $226.3 billion.But This financial meltdown follows disappointing results … Read more

Gardening Tips – eggshells as seedling pots: a trick to garden at a lower cost

Low Cost Gardening Tips

If you have a hobby or have any interest in hand made gardening in your place or at home. This things will really work to reduce your effort and also reduce your cost. Eggshells have many advantages for gardening. First of all’, they are gratuitous and easily available. If you regularly consume eggs, you can simply keep the … Read more

Where to go in December 2023? The best travel destinations

Rather snow or sun in December? In Europe, ski resorts are opening in the wake of Christmas markets and Scandinavia has its eyes fixed on the Northern Lights. To satisfy your dreams of spending Christmas at the beach, head to the southern hemisphere where the southern summer begins. Here are the best destinations to go … Read more

This great disco trend will add some spice to your looks this winter

First reserved for year-end celebrations, the metallic tendency it is now infused into our everyday clothes. blouse version, pantsdown jacket, skirt or boots, metallic colors continue to dominate wardrobes. And despite the reluctance of some people and their fear of turning into a disco ball, silver is gaining more and more and becoming The trend … Read more

Fashion in the media this week: a new step taken in the fight against fast fashion

Every Friday, FashionUnited returns to a key event in fashion news. Difficult week for fast fashion brands. Despite the many attempts to improve their image: responsible brand collections, CSR commitments, targeted communication, nothing helps, fast fashion brands are despised, judged and even fought. In recent weeks, several actions have been taken to reduce its impact … Read more

Black Friday 2023: it’s time to fall for these 5 essential anti-aging treatments at low prices!

HA a few weeks before Christmasmany retailers are already offering great promotions on the occasion of Black Friday, although the official date is expected to November 24. Good news, many beauty products are already on sale. So now is the time or never get really good deals, especially when it comes to anti-aging care that … Read more

These crowned heads are like us: they dress at Mango, Zara, H&M…

Members of royal families dress, as a rule, in recognized luxury houses. Ceremonies, gala evenings, official trips… the calendars of the crowned heads are full! Each of his public appearances requires a specific outfit. As big brands fight to see their clothes worn by their luxury influencers, Kate Middleton, Megan Markle o Letizia from Spain … Read more

Addicted to hypnosis? These stars did not hesitate to use this unorthodox method to achieve their goals!

Put yourself in a state of hypnosisor doing hypnosis with a practitioner, is intentionally reproduced an altered state of consciousness with a different purpose. Although this practice remains more or less accepted by the medical world, more and more people use this alternative method to cure their diseases. Thus, some see hypnotherapy as a means … Read more