Anna Rvr invited me to her counterpart and I have never laughed so much talking about mental health

When Anna Rvr organizes the biggest anti party ever…

You’re at your BFF’s birthday and even though most of the guests end up dancing in the living room… The most interesting discussions usually happen in the kitchen. Here, a counterpart. And it is in this vibe that the content creator Anna Rvr launched her podcast in March 2022.

On YouTube for 10 years, Anna is a 26-year-old who, like many influencers, shares her daily life with her community. But if I am one of the 496,000 people who follow her on Instagram (among others), it is because of her most affectionate personality. Anna is funny, simple, sincere and I found that we easily associated with him. That’s what I like: you’ll think you’re listening to a voice message sent by your best friend, on each of his podcasts.

So when I received the invitation to participate live recording of an episode on the Olympia stage… I can only agree (only for the fact that the tickets were sold in just 9 minutes). Having loved every episode where Anna talks about a healthy lifestyle, sports, moments of blues, love and more generally mental health… I was very curious to know what she would have to say to an audience of 2000 people!

And since the Lyonnaise does not do things by halves, it organized this incredible counterpart with Live Nation and Maybelline New York, to raise awareness of mental health through its Brave Together program.

A counter-evening like no other

On October 28, we were invited to meet at Olympia to witness this giant match. When I got there, I realized that there were many young women of my age and Anna’s. It looked almost like a large group of girlfriends. We also found, among the guests, other like-minded influencers such as Andie Ella, Elise Heb, Tycia, Marine LB…

The evening begins with a first part. Styleto, whose name is Laure, influencer and Anna’s best friend, sings her latest songs. With both friends starting their careers as content creators at the same time, you can feel the excitement growing in the room. After a short interval, the curtains open on a pink kitchen: this is the counter-party.

Anna arrives to the cheers of the audience. One of the first sentences she says as she sits in a high chair, facing us? “You could see my panties!” ” which, in my opinion, illustrates completely the colorful personality of the influencer. Then she starts to discuss the different points she has to talk about: mental health, emotions, having and above all accepting it. “If you want to shed a tear, go ahead,” she says.

Outstanding guests!

A counter party would not be one without guests. And Anna understood it well. For the occasion, she invites Johan Papz, another content creator, on stage to play an updated version of the famous “answer or drink” (a concept they invented on YouTube). The questions follow and if one of the two does not want to answer, he must donate to the Night Line, a helpline to improve student mental health. Among the topics covered, we found ghosting, relationships under influence, romantic relationships…

The other guests (Valérie Damidot, Léa JPLF of the podcast Simple Caféine or the therapist Laura Elisabeth) follow each other and each brings their vision of mental health, their advice and their tricks to better manage their emotions and break the taboo around this subject.

Anna then returns to the program Brave Together by Maybelline and simply explains:

  • B to build a relationship of trust
  • R to find and look for the moment to talk with people
  • HA to learn to ask the right questions
  • V to confirm emotions
  • E to encourage action

Anna and her community: a great love story

When the end of the counterpart approaches, Anna puts on her pajamas and starts making a club sandwich (the recipe can be found in her book). Happy Hours). She takes advantage of this moment to interact with her audience by answering questions. We talk about comparing with others, self-love, relationships with the future, self-confidence… He also gives advice. For example, his solution is to climb the equivalent of the Montparnasse Tower twice to feel invigorated.

As the time to say goodbye approaches, Anna delivers an emotional speech in which she compares her community to true friends. And as she struggles to hold back tears, a voice is heard from the audience shouting: ” It’s okay to cry!“, which perfectly sums up the message of the evening. The music You & Me plays (one of his favorite music for purists, who, like me, listened to his last podcast), the guests join the stage and Anna says goodbye. And I leave tonight waiting to listen to her next podcast. And obviously, the wish for her to become my new best friend!

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